portrait Françoise Jeffrey
photo by Mila van Calcar
About Françoise jeffrey

how I started ceramics

During my sabbatical in 2020, I started ceramics classes. As a freelance copywriter with a lot of deadlines, I needed more time to let go and grieve after losing my mother the year before. Holding on to clay made me just do that. It still does. 

As a little girl, I already tasted the love for pottery. Now many years later I noticed that clay felt more familiar than I expected. Unfortunately, because of Corona, the classes stopped shortly after they started. But in a way for me that turned out as a blessing. It gave me all the time of the world to work with clay at home and it grabbed me immediately.

Grateful & honoured
I posted some of my works on Instagram, when I noticed that others too liked what I made. Not long after I was invited to exhibit during the Paris Design Week, at the exhibition ‘1000 Vases’ in Paris. It was the first time it occurred to me that I actually could sell my work. It felt as if all good things finally came together. So it didn’t take me long to decide to completely exchange copywriting for making ceramic objects. 

I’m so grateful for the fact that people appreciate my work, that people worldwide are able to enjoy my objects in their very own beautiful homes. All because of me trusting the process, the process of grieving and exploring.

My promise 
In a way, my mother not only sent me off to ceramics classes when I was a little girl but made me go again, 40+ years later. That’s why I want to honour my mother with every piece I make. Not just to keep her strong spirit alive. But also to keep my promise I made to her just before she died.