Modder Getting There and Modder Guidance by Françoise Jeffrey

ceramic sculptures

My sculptural pieces are hand made by me, coil built, organically shaped and unique in their own imperfect way. I love basic and timeless design, so that’s what you may expect from my work.

Less is more… However, I do like to make a statement from time to time. For me, the beauty in design is not only minimalistic and pure. But in a subtle way bold too. 

That means my pieces are (off) white, brown or black, preferably a bit bigger and unglazed. Not only because glaze is often toxic. It is the purity of the shape and the texture of the raw material that I like so much. Together with  the environmentally friendly advantage that I only have to fire my work once.

care for selfcare

a loving reminder

I work intuitively. I just start. Without a plan or drawing. However, every shape I make is exactly how I like it. Perfectly imperfect, inspired by the Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi and by my mother. My independent courageous mother who not only taught me to appreciate the beauty in life. But also showed me how to keep life beautiful.

I love the idea that my pieces are loving reminders in people’s homes to take good care of themselves. To remind them to always take control in life, bravely relying on their intuition. Just like my mother always did. Just like I try to do every single day.

Modder Patience
modder TRIBE

soil touching souls